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388: Rest Stop

388: Rest Stop

Sep 4, 2009
Nine radio producers. Two days. One rest stop on the New York State Thruway. In this show, we'll bring you stories of people who are just passing through, and people who are at the rest stop every day—working. One of them has worked there since 1969. A bunch of others came from Asia and eastern Europe to pour coffee for travelers.
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  • Act Two.

    25 Min
    More stories of travelers and workers at highway rest stop. The competition between Plattekill and Maine continues. Reporter Sean Cole observes the lunch rush at the rest stop's busiest restaurant and stumbles into a behind-the-scenes romance. Reporter Gregory Warner watches a cashier at the Travel Mart deal with an angry customer. Reporters Nancy Updike and Jay Allison hang out for the graveyard shift—midnight to 8 a.m.—and find a surprising amount of romance at the rest stop. Jay Allison, Sean Cole, Nancy Updike, Greg Warner


Image by Nancy Updike.