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367: Ground Game

367: Ground Game

Oct 24, 2008
This American Life goes to Pennsylvania, a battleground within a battleground, to figure out why, and how, John McCain and Barack Obama both think they can win there. And we get to know the ordinary people who've become the candidates' most forceful foot soldiers.
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Sonya Naugle, at a McCain-Palin rally in Lehigh Pennsylvania. "Actually this is the way I always dress. I had this look long before I knew who Sarah Palin was.

"I wear my hair up. Actually I've been wearing it up for years. And these glasses I had way before I knew who Sarah was. I actually even played basketball in college like she did. So there's a lot of similarities. And I have a special needs child.

"There are a lot of people who think I'm Sarah. It's nice. Because I strongly support Sarah, and if there's anybody I would look like, I'd choose her. I'm a diehard republican."